kinda like a fun I-Spy game!


Found this pic on the Caribou blog Artwork section.

I see, Chief, Bassalope, campfire, Sasquatch, BvM, Queen (special edition), woolymarkmont, woolymarmot, Gnarwhal, puffin, peak, avalanche, and Galactic Goose. I think i see them all!

(Owen) #2

I think one of those Marmots are intended to look like Chris


the one with the Hair is the Woolymarkmont logo. Woolymarmot with Markmont hair. haha.


chris is wearing the Sasquatch costume lol


Was this perhaps painted?

On a CANVAS, maybe?

(Owen) #6

So very punny


canvas logo on the present, yeah?


I think there’s a snow tire on the smaller present.