Kimmit Superstar, first run g5

Black/white redsplash Sky walker!
Stargazer 2
Genesis-Any Condition

[b]MIB Jensen Kimmit Superstar 110 shipped
MIB Undeniable Genesis[/b]going to YYF

First run g5 not mint, 2-3 little scuffs no Dings- 50 shipped

Pre-Pro CB E1NS: 11010590 ( only today) PENDING to hunterhobo64
Production Fury: only looking for an awsome trade for this Traded to Someone in YYE
Punchline( my favorite) : 100 95 90 shipped SOLD to GreenBilly
Addiction 2:105 100 95 shipped Traded to simpleaddict
mint Virus 555040shipped Gone to a local trade with a friend
Bulldog traded :stuck_out_tongue: to Popdada

888 for the super star?