Kendama USA

I’m interested in starting kendama, and I found a green original Kendama USA kendama for $20, and I was wondering if this sounds good for a beginner?

I prefer sweets personally. A little mor expensive, but much cheaper if you’re used to buying yoyos. I prefer the weight of sweets and how the ken is strung on a sweets I also prefer.

ok, thnx! That’s the feeling I’m getting from most people…

KendamaUSA is a great company. Wonderful customer service, great prices, and their string packs are the best on the market. They also send you like 10 stickers with every order.

As far as the actual kendama goes, Sweets all the way. Perfect weight, shape, balance, feel, and paint.

Yeah go for it.

Both Sweets and KenUSA make great kendamas. After that it’s just preference. (Hmmm that sounds familiar)

I like ozoras, but that’s just me. It’s all preference.

It’s like yoyos.