kendama product ideas


Yo I had an idea for the kendamas.
what if some brand could make a Kendama called
The Jawbreaker or such
When the outer layer of the tama wears of
another color is under and so n so…
I been thinking of it for a week.
has anyone ever thought of this?
Its a pretty good idea


Good Idea!?.. Maybe? ;D

(Nova) #3

Like the Terra battlescars concept on steroids! I love the idea.


I forgot bout the battle scars I wanted one so bad
but the jawbreaker idea is brilliant
someone should make them


Yes but who is up to the task of making them maybe me?.. Not!


I’ve done some prototyping like this in the past.
Mash has the lost tama which wears from red to black.
As Nova said terra has a battlescar pill which wears from white to red.

It’s quite challenging as adding many paint coats makes the tama overly heavy. It also takes a very long time to wear through each layer.

I will take a second stab at this and start with an abnormally small tama and throw loads of chippy paint on.