Kendama day #1

Wasnt really sure where to put this, but this is me after one day of kendama!

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;D @ :14

It’s the reaction’s I like when people land stuff. Admiration of skill comes second.

Me, too. :slight_smile:

wow that was ur first day? thats really good.

Haha it took me like 15 mins to land that on camera so that reaction was like a sigh/ OMGAIOSFJILFHKJAGRHGDJFKBSJKDFJKFHOMG

Yeah haha it really clicked with me, and also ive been throwing for like 2.5 years so maybe some of my muscle memory from that came in handy with kendama, who knows?

For just one day that’s great! I’d love to see you master the unicycle or juggling flaming torches next.

Wow ive been at it a few weeks and am still not that good ha

Day 1? Nah, day 100.

I started playing with a kendama yesterday and I’m finding myself fairly good at it. The one thing that simply kills me is getting it on the spike. I understand /how/, it’s just getting it is all. I’m pretty darn impressed that you’re getting that on the first day.

Yeah me too I feel I’m good at it, but can’t get it on the spike either.