Simple Kendama trick - Just started

Bump - Okay, I know I’m terrible at Kendama, but could you just tell me that?

Put me down! :wink:

You’re better then me, and I’ve been doing kendama for 3 months.

That looked pretty good! How long have you been playing?

When I made that video I had started the week before! ;D

Sweet man! I thought it was pretty good!

Thanks! I’ve been getting a lot better recently! :smiley:

dang, for a week, that’s some impressive stuff!

Heh, it’s been two weeks now… Maybe I should make another quick trick vid! :smiley:

Good stuff man. Can’t believe you’ve only been doing that for a week, took me a month to land my first Earth Spin. (That’s what Sweets Kendama calls the tama spin trick so I’m sticking with it :wink: )

Man, I should make another quick video of a trick I can land now. It’s pretty awesome!

BTW Newbies United it is Officially referee to as an Earth turn but no biggie.
I see great potential in that video looking forward to seeing more.  :wink:

That was sweet man! I’m impressed.

I started at wyyc.

I can do everything in the first video, but not together and not cleanly.

Check your forum inbox :wink: