Hi I'm starting kendama a little

So a lot of you probably know me from the yoyo part of these forums…well I just got my first kendama last night and it was free so I’ll be hanging out here a bit more and talking about kendama stuff with you guy’s.

I got 4 spikes in a row last night an I landed 1 airplane so thats pretty good for me. :smiley:

You’re doing much better than me, Eric! I got my first kendama yesterday, and I can land the big cup from the hanging position. But that’s it. I’ve tried spiking and have only succeeded in adding character marks to the ball (still not clear on all the terminology).

It’s fun trying something new though.

Oh yea I started kendama awhile ago I just havn’t owned one but I’ve used a couple of other peoples so Ive gotten a little more practice from that.

I’m a few days into it also, haven’t gotten a spike yet, but I get get the cups almost every time. It’s addicting though! Bought 1 last week and I’ve bought 4 more since!

I think I’m sticking with just the one for now, I think it’ll probably be months before I really get to a beginner level even. I’m practicing 1a and kendama at night and practicing 4a outside during the day. I got my 4a yoyos and my kendama on the same day, so I’m gonna let 4a take precedence.

Not sure I’ve I’ve really got the balance and dexterity to pull off the kendama.

EDIT: I aged my kendama for a little while when I got off work. I felt like Zoolander trying to get the data from the computer.