Keep an eye out for my stolen goods?

So, I had my carryon bag, containing a bunch of my favorite throws, jacked while I napped at Chicago’s O’Hare airport. It’s doubtful whoever took them knows what he/she has, but I figured I would post a list of what was taken on the off-chance someone may see them put up for sale somewhere as a lot.

Nickel plated One Drop Yelets with blue spike side effects

Unengraved purple One Drop Cafe Racer

Japan Yoyo Rewind edition SUMMIT (green/blue)

Jonathon “Dr. B” Best edition SUMMIT (silver/green/black)

Sage “members only” One Drop DANG

Purple/black Lyn Fury

If you see any of these up for sale by someone who doesn’t seem to know what they are, please give me a heads up! Thanks!

Make sure to check the chicagos craigslist

And eBay.