K2J Warning Line


Has anyone tried this yoyo? I might get this… if anyone can provide info, it would be great!


Here is a recent review:


Hope this helped! :slight_smile:




It is my favorite yoyo. It is awesome indeed. It is very smooth on the string, very comfortable in the hand. It’s stepped design is incredible. The laser engraving is perfect, with the annodizing too. I would highly reccommend this yoyo to any advanced to expert player. The grinds are out of this world, and the sleep times are about 3 minuites with a good throw. Get this yoyo. You’ll love it against all the rest.

(Jamesofyoyo) #5

Isn’t this thing from China. If it is, it will probalbly brake or not last long. Metal from China tends to blow. Metal from America is strong and most of the time lasts much longer. But this is just my veiw of this item. Hope I am wrong. :wink:

(JonasK) #6

Wow. It seems to me like you are shooting in the blind here. Take the L3 for an example, many people say that it’s a very solid playing yoyo. And they are made out of the same type of meta, so I don’t see how you can make a statement like that. The Warning Line seems pretty promising and has not gotten any bad reviews yet.

(Jamesofyoyo) #7

Cool. Like I said, I hope I am wrong. It just seems like everything metal from china seems to break. Hopefully this aluminum is high quality. If I get to try one, and like it, I might get one. I like h shapes. :slight_smile:

(JonasK) #8

It’s not the metal, it’s how the metal is treated.

Addment: And then you have the different grades of aluminum.


The Warning Line is one of the best yoyos out there. The metal is smoother, and processed more accurately than American. American is good, but is rough and made blindly. Either way, it is a great yoyo. It lasts very long.

Edit: I think China metal and China yoyos are better.

(Jamesofyoyo) #10

I hope to try one at the BLC.


That reminds me, unless it is Grade B metal, or any other grade besides A, it might not play as good because of the astetic (spelling?) errors in the annodizing or metal itself.

(JonasK) #12

I don’t think that the metal nor the yoyos is better because they are made in China. It is all about the guys making them. While the Warning Line and L3 are good yoyos, you do see bad yoyos coming out of China. The same thing goes for yoyos made in US/Europe

And please don’t say “China metal”. If one grade of aluminum is used in the US, the exact same type/grade coming out of China is not any different (I am completely aware that Chinese brands might use a different grade of aluminum).


You really do not have the experience to say that.

I wish Ben could come into this discussion and prove you wrong. Because you are, very, very wrong.

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I don’t like where this thread is going.
I don’t want to have to lock it.
Everyone needs to start thinking about what they are posting BEFORE they post it


Wah what? I love mine, it is the best of my yoyos in my opinion. I have great experience from yoyoing! I have tried and owned an American metal before, and it wan’t too great. That was all in my opinion, though. I was assuming, because my past YoYoJam metal-rimmed yoyos had dings and scratches about every other centimeter. And it was new!

dryoyo, I apologize. I won’t continue further, but my post was on my opinions. Sorry.


How can you tell this it was processed more accurately then American metals? How can you tell what metal is smoother, when you probably don’t know what metals where even used? Are you there when they make every single American metal? What evidence do you have to say that they are made blindly? Lets take this to PM’s because I can tell you are clearly wrong.


I wish not to continue, hoping not to turn this into a war.