K & K handmade and dyed yoyo strings

hello yoyoexpert :slight_smile: me and my sister have started making yoyo strings and we want to start sell them.they are 100% polyester.

here is the pictures http://s1172.photobucket.com/albums/r574/yoyo2911/

FREE SHIPPING :slight_smile:

they are 3 dollars for a 5 pack or 5 dollars for a 10 pack

we have 8 colors right now.

1:grape (dark purple)

2:flamingo (hot pink)

3:zombie grass (green)

4: ocean breeze (light blue-white tye dye)

5: rocketship (royal blue)

6: firepower (orangeish/red)

7: blast off (rainbow)

8: 7-up (yellow-lime green tye dye)

we will try to make more colors

help us get this business started :slight_smile:

thank you everyone,yoyo2911