Just thought this should be said.

Always look at who the feedback from a person is from. Because I have seen many a case where people make two accounts, and give themselves bogus feedback from one account, and use the other for BST purposes. If you see any of this activity going on, report it. If you are taking part in this chain scam, prepare to be reported.

Guys, the safest way to operate in a BST transaction is to look at the persons in depth feeback, rather than the one that just shows on their main profile. If you don’t recognize an account name, click on it and look at the number of posts this acct has. Any l;ess than ten, you should probably steer clear, or have them ship first.

Just my $0.02

If we pay on time, that would count as eligibility for a positive feedback right?

and thank you for your $0.02

Paying on time should be ebough to get you positive feedback.

Although I don’t really decide that

Do what you said, and send what you said you would. That’s all you need to do.

I wish. The last two purchases I made in the BST haven’t gotten me any feedback. Good, bad or otherwise. Even though my payment was sent same day. :frowning:

Does it seem weird if you ask for feedback?

For future reference, how do you look at the in-depth feedback of someone?

Click the trade count #.

I have done 5 trades on this site. Of these 3 feedbacks that were given to me after I left the feedback for the seller, done after I received inspected the goods. After that the seller would issue me feedback, one seller was reminded twice to send me feedback, finally.

IMO, the seller should issue beedback to the buyer when payment is made. That is my part of the contract. Then seller ships, buyer receives pasckage, inspects merchandise, then buyer
submitts feedback to seller. But I have yet to see this plan of action utilized.

What do you think?

That would be great. Getting positive feedback when a person pays on time and when the buyer gets the goods.

This is exactally what I do when I purchase from the BST and usually I get the feedback when I pay, mabey a day or two late but I get it. When trading throws feedback is posted upon each party recieving their goods.