Just some thoughts I had on the Online Communities!


I feel this is a bit of a “There is no inner-circle” puff piece, and what you take from it is the observers… kinda like, ‘this is a special announcement from people that know the inner circle, and even though there is one, and they tell you there’s not, i’m here to tell you straight from them - it doesn’t matter’…

You left out your membership in Fatguy Snacks Yoyo BST too :thinking: any particular reason?

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I’m not in the “inner circle” if there is one. I don’t care. I’m here to have fun with skill toys. This is my observation. Most people in the community have been very kind. Also, I recorded this video a little while ago and didn’t get around to posting. I wasn’t in your group at that point.

i know YOU are not, but there has obviously been this longstanding belief that there is.

you’re friends with some of the folks as stated, and i agree, camaraderie, etc. bring certain groups and friends tighter than others.

but, to that end, what would an inner circle look like?

it just came as super odd that with the repeated denials of not having an Inner Circle, a literal PSA was put out (not on you TSAF) that there is still “No Inner Circle”

again, this isn’t directed at you dude

Gonna just throw out a comment here.

I have found that the community overall is very supportive and very accepting which has been a pretty nice change of pace from all that is going on in the world.

As far as inner circle or no inner circle I came back into throwing around 2 years ago, from that time I have developed relationships with many people, as far as some of the Facebook groups are concerned, there is 100% different rules for different folks, this has been pointed out multiple times on multiple levels - I even pointed a few threads out and was blocked because I “questioned authority”. Problem is when your rule book says - no auction bidding - and you have “XYZ” member posting - “oh hey I don’t know what this is worth make me an offer” and no one says anything, vs “ABC” member with a for sale post with a couple make offer on throws and the community loses its mind.

Most of the time that “XYZ” member has been around the block a while and catches no heat which would allude to some people having certain privileges and leeway’s that others don’t have. This I believe is sometimes where this said “inner circle” comes from.

It’s also funny to see people bumping a “looking for” post for 3 months and then all the sudden a member flashes out the exact throw or variation of that throw someone was looking for on their “epic mail day” post.

At the end of the day they are all skill “toys” and people take this a little more serious than maybe it should be taken once you take a step back. Personally I don’t care what people do with their YoYo - it’s yours do with it what you will, but I can for sure see where inner circles could be presumed to exist.

And I am not within any of them :slight_smile:


Damn yoyo illuminati snatching up all the OG peaks, G2 Swirls, and Anti-yos.


Here’s my thoughts on the issue: is there an inner circle? Absolutely! You can’t get involved in anything that’s being traded, bought, or sold without a core group of people holding all the throws as trade bait, or all of the wealthy individuals getting preferrential treatment when things come up on offer. That’s the reason that so many people like me, that have more of a volume collection than a “rare pieces” collection will never find some of the throws we want. If you look at a lot of those rare pieces, they get bought and sold behind the scenes, to the same 10 people, thus keeping them exclusive and rare.

There’s also the issue of the double standard. Being in this inner circle, via having a killer collection, being well liked, being a good person, etc, can get you a free pass on rule violations, it seems. As JEA86 said, there have been MANY times someone has posted a “not auction” auction on the FB BST, and when called out the mods went nuts and started talking down to the group members. I’m not saying it happens all the time - I’m sure a lot of those posts get caught, flagged, and addressed before being posted up, but it does happen, and it’s always questionable when it does, IMO.

I’ve even seen a good friend of mine get called out for deleting the prices on throws he sold in one group, because they were needed for stat tracking. Sure, that’s all fine and good, but what about all of the people doing it before him, and that still do it now? Why are they not getting publicly called out like my friend?

And yes, I may be a bit bitter to some degree - I’m one of those people that’s tried to get some rare throws I need for my collection to be completed and had to watch as people posted their maildays where they got the thing I had been begging for. I’ve offered to buy throws from people should they decide to sell them only to see them show up in other people’s posts as part of their new collection. It’s a good reminder of where I rank, or at least that’s how it feels a lot of the time.

At the end of the day, it’s up to each person to do what they want to do with the things that they’ve paid money for, and I can live with that. Same with running the groups: feel free to treat your friends better than anyone else, but don’t be surprised when people start getting tired of the BS and just leave.

As far as community, yes, I 100% agree that the community as a whole is friendly and welcoming for the most part. You’re always gonna have some bad apples, but they’re thankfully kept to a minimum and easily ignored. I’ve enjoyed my time here and in the FB BSTs, personally.

Am I in anyone’s inner circle? Honestly, I’ve never felt like I am, although I am in the FSYBST on FB, which does require that I’ve met certain criteria, so if that makes me a hypocrtie, so be it I guess :joy: