just scored this on ebay for 100$!

A gold messiah, this is one out of two of my personal iso’s. The only other is a peak I know like everyone… I got rid of both the ones I had. One was custom ano’d green with yellow gold rim, other was a black and gold fools gold. Anyway





hate to be this guy, but Messiahs are barely worth 60$ today :frowning:
But that’s an awesome throw, I love it too

Ehh I’m not to worried I appreciate it but it’s still cheaper then retail abb it’s basically new.I don’t see hour thru can be worth sixty bucks.

It was also 1 if my in search ofs, so I was willing. My collection May be small but I freaking love it!

I’ve been trying to sell my mint Messiah for $80 :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry :p, I didn’t see it but I’m not worried about the twenty bucks. Its going in my collection and not leaving. I was happy I saved 65$, and if its blue ill buy it next week. If its red I don’t want it.

I’m not sure what that sentence means :smiley:

But yea mine’s blue

Aye, she’s a beauty! :o