[Just ordered a] thread

I locked this.


hey guys this is the official i just ordered a … thread. All you have to do is when you guys order a new yoyo you put it in here.

I just ordered a dingo

I just ordered a protostar! i’m SO happy!!!

sweet i just ordered the black dingo and some stuff to go with it today

bump ;D

Im not trying to burst your buble but we have a thread just like this and this thread imo is just clutter.

the other thread is something along the lines of :waiting for my new throw, so excited thread:

if you think m being to harsh please let me know

i just ordered well actually got an axiom :slight_smile:

Agreed, and there is no need to bump the thread here. :wink:

I am going to get a PGM, and a 4XL, and another TFL.

oops sorry if any mods see this please delete

What’s a TFL? ???

It’s a Werrd Two Fat Ladies.