Just my luck!

I was looking at the Duncan gloves and it says if your hand is 16.5 cm to 19 cm long or whatever your supposed to get the Medium size. My hand is exactly 16.4 cm but I’m probably just going to get the medium size if i do get it along with a Duncan Hayabusa.

And you are telling us this cause…

Basically cause I’m just bored.

And the whole point of this thread is…

I actually had a question but i just realized that i can’t ask it so i guess there’s no point to this post so I may as well just delete it. ???

how do you delete a post?

RBD laugh

Well, I’ve heard that duncan gloves run smaller than advertised. Or maybe that was a different glove…

No, Duncan gloves are small. At least the one I purchased a while back was smaller than advertised.