Just learned bind; What to learn next?

I mean come on.
You bought a $120 yoyo to learn how to bind?

Really? So you mean one should always buy a plastic one to start with? Are CLWYs only for experts?
I mean come on. My money, my choice… why can’t I buy whatever I want?
Give me one reason why should’ve I bought it. (Other than that I just started)
No offense but I found it a bit illogical.
CLWY might not be your thing but as a new customer, I found it more appealing than other brands so I bought it. What’s the problem in that?
Buying that made me happy so I did that. Isn’t “having fun” the only reason why we all are here on this forum? Its a hobby and people do crazy things for their hobbies. :wink:

Anyway, doing good on my my breakaway (or side mount; whichever you prefer). What I like about konkave bearing is its super quiet. I can play it even when my girlfriend is sleeping. LOL.

Dont listen to those guys, they’re just jealous. You got a good throw just practice with that one on carpet.

Practice your breakaway standing in front of a wall and move closer when your comfortable. That will help keep it straight. Try throwing slower until its smooth. Practice hand starting and youll save alot of time and energy.

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Yea don’t listen to those guys. I must admit I was pretty surprised when I heard you bought an AC2 as your first yoyo. Because I heard of a begginer kid that totally destroyed an MVP2. But as long as your taking care of it and having fun thats all that matters.

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Haters gonna hate all that can be said, but it does not matter if you like your yoyo and are satisfied with it then you made a good choice. They are just saying stuff like that because it is an expensive throw and think that CLYW is for experts only, which is not.

yeah man im still an a intermediate beginner
and I have super collection of top notch yos
He’s mad cuz he bought a butterfly to start with n yu got a CLyDUB ;D.

Before learning to bind if I read correctly

The thing is, you’re going to be able to do more tricks with a responsive yoyo then an expensive unresponsive yoyo as a beginner, so spending that much is kind of pointless at your level. Alright, people say a cheap yoyo can do just as much as an advanced yoyo, but at your level, a cheap yoyo can do MORE then an expensive advanced yoyo… Looks aren’t everything and you shouldn’t decide what yoyo to buy based on just how it looks.

And another thing, you don’t even know how deep you’re going to get into this hobby. You might decide that you don’t want to pursue yoyoing anymore in another 2 weeks.

Yep he’s kinda right need to hammer thru a duncan yoyo trick book with a z pro
before yu can move ahead with better yos n harder tricks

Just go to the learn section and go down the list and learn all the tricks. You have to crawl before you walk. In the end, it will make you a better yoyoer.

Clyw somehow got this guy to think a $150 throw will be the best thing to start on, pretty impressive.

I cannot believe people are having so much problem from the fact that I bought a costly yoyo.
Clearly shows how much free time people have to get jealous.
This is so funny.
Just the fact that someone can give a darn about I spending money, is hilarious in itself.

I know that responsive yoyo could have been a better choice to start with but I thought why not challenge myself and start with an unresponsive one? And if its about me changing my mind about this hobby, the answer is no.
I am not a fickle minded person. I invest my hard earned money in something that I am going to use. I don’t change my hobbies every few days.
Just learned brain twister. I, interestingly, got the trapeze pretty quick. I am gonna practice trapeze and brain twister this weekend. Next week new tricks :slight_smile:

Ok, seems like a waste to me though.

I don’t get it either, man.

People get to spend their money on whatever they want. It shouldn’t be an issue to anyone else. The problem here is projection. And don’t we have enough of our own stuff without projecting ourselves into other people?

I also totally disagree with the mandate of “start responsive or you’re going to be messed up”. I’m a trained educator and that’s just not the way learning works. It’s like the people who say you have to start on an acoustic guitar (or even better, on a piano) as a beginner instead of jumping in on electric guitar. Phooey. If electric guitar is what’s getting a new student psyched, I guarantee they are going to learn far, FAR more on an electric guitar than they will struggling to hold down the strings on an acoustic or sprawled out in front of a piano.

People get an idea that SOUNDS reasonable and they stick to it like it’s fact. I admit… it sounds like a good idea to start responsive, and it’s somewhat intuitive to start at the “roots”. But that’s just not the reality. He’s landing a trapeze. If he suddenly picked up a responsive yoyo, guess what? He’ll be landing a trapeze.



I don’t like responsive yoyos and I don’t think you need to start on one, but learning on an AC2 is like learning to play guitar on a $20 000 Les Paul.

Except that it only cost $120-ish dollars. Relativity doesn’t matter here; just because it costs 3000% more than a Butterfly doesn’t mean anything (like the LP would be 3000% of a Squier or whatever)… it’s still only a small percentage of an income source vs. the Les Paul.

That said, you wouldn’t have to answer to anybody for buying the LP, either, assuming you were wealthy enough that you weren’t foolishly ruining your or somebody else’s life with the purchase.

I’m just saying that highend yoyos are a waste at that skill level.

That doesn’t mean he can’t get better and still enjoy it. He wanted to start on an AC it’s his decision ultimately and if it gets the job done who are we to discriminate his judgement?

Pretty much any shirt worth over $5 is a waste at my fashion level. But I still own a $200 shirt. :wink: Any guitar worth more than $350 is a waste at my skill level, but I own guitars worth more than that. Owning 20+ yoyos is a waste at my skill level, but own them I do.

It’s a non-sensical judgment. All it takes to buy anything at all (and a $120 yoyo isn’t the most expensive thing a person can buy) is enough money for it. There’s no skill criteria. If someone is getting enjoyment out of it, who is anyone to judge them for it?

I know $120 seems like a small fortune to certain demographics, but again-- this is about projection. $120 is pretty small spending cash for other people.

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Well, I agree for the most part, but owning multiples yoyos doesnt have any correlation with skill.