Just learned bind; What to learn next?

Hello there,
Here’s my first thread here on the forum.

So I landed into the awsome world of yoyoing like 2 weeks ago…
I have learn how to bind the yoyo (I have a shutter and arctic 2)
Now, according to you, what should I learn next?
And if you could give the link to a video of the same, it would be great.


Well, on an unresponsive yoyo, every trick will be easier so try going back to tricks you had trouble with before. Get a solid double or nothing, helps a ton. Buddahs revenge is a good trick to learn, it’s on the yye tutorials

If you go to the learn section of the site there is a nice list of tricks in order from easiest to hardest. Pick one (or a few) and run with it!
Good luck!

Oh man! you beat me too it :smiley:

The YYE Learn section is as good as it gets.

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yep next step is youtube classes lol ;D

Thank you folks!
I went the way you all suggested: “LEARN” tab on the top left corner :wink:
I started practicing trapeze mount . Mu side throw needs a lot of practicing. I have quite a lot fish tanks in my apartment and I get nervous while throwing the yoyo over my shoulder thinking it might hit a tank.
I will go outside and practice it from today.
Thanks for all your help.

P.S.- The way I bind my yoyo is the simple front mount way that everyone learns first (yoyo comes to your hand from below. But I have seen a few people doing a trick in which they do a bind which make their yoyo to go up and then come in their hand. Can anyone tell me what is it called and how can I learn it?
I have seen Brandon Vu doing it in his videos.


Your yoyo shouldn’t be above your shoulder on a side throw. If it is, you’re doing it wrong and I don’t blame you for the fear of smashing fish tanks. :wink:

That bind is done from a side throw. It’s hard to do it front-style. It’s called a “Sky Bind” and there should be tutorials out there for it. One of my favourites, for sure!

Yea sky bind is a lot of fun but I would work on your basic trapeze mount before attempting sky bind :smiley: Good luck.

There are a few other sites that have increasingly hard lists as well. Yotricks and slusny are two I know of.

Yeah the learning section of here and also learn to throw a breakaway if you have not done that cause the sooner you learn it the better.

Awesome. Seems like I have got some work to do this evening. Haha.
I will work hard on trapeze and then would try to go into sky bind. Practice makes a man perfect :slight_smile:
I really appreciate you all for helping me out here. Thanks a bunch.

Agreed. Plus, a lot of tricks are started from the basic trapeze mount so its a definite ”must learn" next. :slight_smile:

You have an Arctic Circle? D:

Learn Trapeze

Proof that CLYW is over hyped.

I don’t even own a CLYW right now…

In another thread I think everyone decided the Summit counts as a Caribou Lodge :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh well I actually traded mine away…
Didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. I mean, I could see why someone would like it, but it just didn’t click for me ya know?

Now I’m CLYW-less, which is perfectly fine by me.

Man, you definitely got a point there… That’s pretty funny lol