Just had to show this off...


;D It is a g5


Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaangg. Thats a nice looking g5. Did you paint it?


No, it was anodized by spottedbanana over at yyn. I should be getting in a few days and can post more pictures and maybe a video.


How much did he charge?


65 dollars for a splash, 40 for a solid color. And its a she :wink:


:o (not trying to be stereotypical, but it IS nice to see a female in our community)


Well, they are out there… I (almost) personally know only one… And thanx for pointing that out


Another pic.

The green is actually black and the pink is purple.


It is coming tomorrow!!! :smiley:


I was right. It did come.


How does it play? Any different then a normal G5?


Plays great, I put in some flowable. It does grind better because of the angeldust.


Look awesome.

Did you strip it first? Or she strip it for you?

What edition G5 it was?