Just got my first "real" yo yo

I just received my new Dark Magic! Woot!

;D I just can’t stop smiling and laughing as I play with it. My face is starting to hurt from all of the smiling! ;D

This is easily the most fun I’ve ever had with a yo-yo… Ever…

I suspect I’m going to get real good at it, real fast, too; I should have lots of free time coming up, as I was laid off from my job this morning. >:( But, the shock of that hasn’t set in yet, and isn’t ruining my fun with the new DM.


Congrats man! Hope you can find a new job soon. Enjoy your dark magic!

Hope to see you on the forums. :smiley:


From the few posts you’ve written, I like you, man! ;D You make me feel happy, haha!!! :smiley: