Just got in the mail today 2SickYoYo Bishop's and a Silencer

I loved everything about the new 2SickYoYos Bishop and I just had to order both as I couldn’t choose between the art. What an amazing throw, nice feel in the hand, good weight, no wobble and they look amazing spinning. The other peeked my interest from MagicYoyo, yeah I know but just look at it. It is probably their best effort to date which would explain the price tag, triple what their other ones cost.

How does the silencer play? Where did you get it from. I’ve been interested in it.

More pic’s. I like how 2SickYoYos went with a 10 32 axle, Much stronger than an 8 32 or M4 0.7. This has always been my goto axle for yo’s that are stripped out. As for play-ability of the Magic, its the best playing $41 metal yoyo i’ve played. Easily worth double.

How smooth is the silencer?