Just got back, what are these worth nowadays?


Hey i just got back on after about two years hiatus. What would some of my old throws be worth nowadays?
Mint Envy 64
Near mint Peak
Old BvM
and a Superwide
Not really looking to sell, just curious.


I heard people would actually pay $400 for a mint Peak :o


Envy not much…
Peak could go from $100-$400 depends on run/ color way etc.
BvM anywhere from$50-$90 same as peak, plus conditional issues.
SuperWide maybe $25 if you’re lucky.


thanks guys. is CLYW still the cult it was 3 years ago? or is some other brand the new cool thing?


Yep. Even though they’ve raised their prices nearly 50%. Plenty of other brands are getting the hype treatment as well, especially General Yo. Lots of great companies around though.


Oh and is jensen kimmit still in the scene?


Yes  ;D


I would say the envy 64 is between $30-$50

(Alex Fairhurst) #9

Hold onto that Peak. In a few years time it will be worth its weight in gold.


Peaks have gone up significantly in these past couple months with second runs even hitting $400
if it’s a painted OG peak expect at least $500

The old bvm if mint is worth $60-$90 depending on colorway
Envy is around $40-$50
superwide is $20 at most


The bvm seems priced well, however they always seem to have damage.

(2Sick Joey) #12

What colorway peak is it? that would allow us to give you better value pricing


it is a purple acid wash