Just a Question


Do you have a brother named Franz and do you pump people up? :smile:


I am not sure the kids these days will “get” this reference…


I’m not worried about it.

({John15}) #4

“We’ll pump!”

(clap, clap)

“You up!”

(ChrisFrancz) #5

I was watching SNL when Belushi was on. I babysat Belushi!

(Hans Van Dan Elzen) #6

The name has never bothered me, just helped people remember it easily. Hans-Fonz “ayyyyyye”. Han-solo. Hans Gruber. Hans Zimmerman. And of course Hans and Franz. My conversations with baristas pretty much match up with this discussion.

(ChrisFrancz) #8

My last name is pronounced FrONS but I get France, Franks, Franksis… Whatever…

({John15}) #9

Ah yes, the silent “c”

I was in the “Franks” camp.