JUMP's collection.

Here’s my collection. Pm me if there’s anything you’d like to buy or trade for (I may noy sell or trade anything, but you may end up offering something I want).
Left to right: Top block: Speed Dail v.2, Flying Squirrel, Vilocity v.1.
First row: VK, 2009 G5 striped edition, Grind Machine 2.2 Augie vs Boyle edition, Dv888 small bearing edition.
Second row: Plastic Grind Machine v.1, Pocket Change, Frantic, Hitman. Third row: Black Knight, K-os, Dark Magic, 2007 888 ocho8ocho edition.

Left to right: Top block: Mosquito Duncan Crew Worldwide edtion, Freehand 2 v.2, 201.
First row: ST NXG x3, Loop 720 x2 (second one not pictured), Pulse x2, Legecy, Journey.

Left to right: Top row: Flying Panda x2, Bigyo 2. Second row: Throwmonkey x2. Third row: Hayabusa, Hayabusa SL edition, Aquarius.

Cool collection!

That’s a pretty awesome collection man! I like it!