Jrod changed his name...

Global Moderator JRodriguez changed his name… He also is playing April fools over the limit ;).

Whoa! A bunch of moderator’s names have been changed! What rascal would have done something like that? I better look into it!

whooo coool… I wonder who “Ano Cop” is??? Hmmmmmmmm… You guys are having wayyy to much fun with this… But wait… It’s yoyoing right???

For anyone who is interested: YoYoExpert Name Change Instructions

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Awesome! Now I know how to change my name.

Wow thats awesome!

El Guapo means good looking in Spanish.

Wait a minute, why does jrod get to be the ‘handsome’ one?

Hey kids!

I can only assume there was a Gallup Poll …

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Lol, this is great!


Nah, ain’t gona happen, sonny boy.

You got me good lol

Wait who’s who?

I am Larry the cucumber.

Back in the day there used to be a way in the information bar :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to be The FInal Ginger

Dunno, do you…

Would you say a plethora of moderators’ names have been changed?