Jr. Mouse's BST: YoYoFactory, Yomega, and Rainfly


This is my new BST. I have a couple of yoyos to sell.

Shipping: $6.80

Paypal only

Yomega Dash (Gold Tribal Edition) - $10 - Many dings around the rims and one flatspot

Yomega Glide (Gold w/ Blue Splash) - $30 - One large ding and two large scuffs

Yoyoempire Rainfly - $10 - Pulsing vibe and beat on the rims

YYF Grind Machine (Blue w/ White Rings) - $10 - A few small small pinpricks

YYF ShaqlerStar - $15 - Very near mint, there are a couple of hairline scratches

Please buy, thanks,
Jr. Mouse


pretty please offer :’(

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