Today I would like to tell you about this person. His name is Tera Banks-Moore( I have got the payment from this name and sent a package to it) I have sold him a Crucial Milk in March. Since 4-5 days I have sent him his yoyo, put there a bonus yoyo and 30 strings and provided a tracking. The situation with coronavirus in my country began to develops then. In the 27-30 March the package with his yoyo stuck on the customs. Need to say, that I sent 5 packages in March and all of them stuck there. It’s because of situation with covid-19 and there is carrier shortage now. I think, everybody should understand it, especially people from the USA, because now it’s a Centre of the covid suddenly. I told about it to this person, but he opened a dispute! His yoyo was sent, it wasn’t loosed. Just because of situation with pandemic it just stoped for a while. But he opened a dispute and made a complain! I advice you not to have deals with him, because in case of issues he won’t be able to solve them or wait until you will solve them. I think it’s unfairly and ugly.