(Jensen Kimmitt's personal yoyos for sale) 1 northstar/ 2 phenomizm

This is no hoax. These yoyo’s were belongings to the 2010 world champion and given to me as a gift as a personal friend. I’ve decided to quit yoyoing so please pick them up and have fun.

northstar (white w/ red letters) - $50 ( used and set up by Jensen, a slight crack on one of the sides but does not effect the playablity in anyway.)

Phenomizm ( green with gold letters on mirror cap, silver rims) - $90 ( a gift from 2012 World Champ Suzuki to Jensen at the 2010 worlds) ( no silicon pad attached)

Phenomizm ( green, no cap, gold rims) - $70 ( Jensen’s practice toy)

*sorry, no box. These are used yoyo’s but they play like a dream.