FS: YYJ Phenom (gold) + other stuff


Sadly my throwing days are behind me so I’m selling my meager collection.

The best thing by far in this list is a YYJ Phenom (gold, no caps). It plays very well. Not sure of the bearing inside but the spin is decent. Everything else is just a novelty or beat up but I’ll throw them in for cheap if you get more than one or all.

Here’s the list with prices. I’m very out of the game so if something is priced too high just make me an offer and I’ll likely accept. Would prefer to sell everything at once. Prices include shipping. $100 for everything (or best offer).

YYJ Phenom - Gold/No Caps (good condition, light dings, worst one is pictured) - &70
YYJ Classic (no axle, no damage) - $5
YYF Loop (a few tiny scuffs) - $5
YYJ/X Yomega Fire Storm (no damage) - $5
YYF DV888 (my first metal yoyo and main beater, major scuffs and gashes) - $5
YYF Whip (scuffs, no bearing, missing one friction pad) $2
Two random wooden axel throws, basic stuff - $2 each
Designer Leather Yoyo Holder - Discontinued - $15



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