Jensen Kimmitt Ghost-reupload

Hey, so you guys who miss that video, some person on YouTube uploaded it again for your viewing pleasure. A lot of people are starting to upload his videos again with of course his permission. Here’s the new upload: Just FYI

its sad that people download videos to “learn” there combos
at least someone got a hold of this

No not really. It’s something to do, and when you learn that combo, you can build off of that, and create more combos. That’s really how it works. I feel happy for them.


Awesome. I wanted to break it down, to at least understand some of it, but then it was taken down…BUT now its back up again! ;D

Please explain to my how it’s sad. People can do whatever they want, and some people like to learn certain combos, some people like to use it to make up their own stuff, whatever.

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Yeah, I thought that was kind of odd too. But like you said, whatever. lol

hooray 4 reuploading! :slight_smile: