Re-Uploaded some of Jensen Kimmitts old videos

Re-Uploaded some of the old jensen kimmitt videos i could not find there is not alot there but its a couple more

Kimmitt FTW!!!

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Thanks! Nice to watch some good old (kind of) Jensen stuff.

Did this thread on YYN, but completely forgot to paste it on other forums.

I asked Jensen and he said that it’s cool for people to start reuploading his videos. So… any Kimmitt videos you have, post 'em here!
LF: Just Chillin’ the Pirate Boat Freestyle Electric Jesus Combo Tom Jones Combo
Punch Your Clock and Ode to Luo Yi Cheng Others…
Here’re mine.


In The Blue Corner

Hulk Smash

Someone else had these up already.

Eggs & Salsa

Just for fun


All these go up to 720p or higher.

Take 2

Pirate Boat Freestyle (edit)


Lana’s Tricks

Wash & Dry

Jensen Kimmitt’s One Minute Freestyle