JD's new yoyo video!


Hey guys,
JD created new tricks with his legacy in this video! Go 'head and check it out.
Enjoy!  :smiley:

Happy Throwing! =]



This was released in 2002. It isnt a Legacy either. Check out the description.


I was like a broken record watching your Video. “whoa… whoa… woah dude… wow. whoa”

I just started with YoYos when I got a Duncan Butterfly from my little sister as a gift for X-Mas. Im 25 and she is 12. I looked up YoYo tricks and people doing them, and well honestly, I think people like you give me a chance to see what I could do if I just practice. So far Im almost through the beginner section of the Website. I learned the Split the Atom trick already but I cant do a UFO yet lol.

Very sweet video man.


this video is before the hitman, before the xconvict, before the lyn fury, and before JD was sponsored by yoyojam


Yes, that is not the Legacy, it is his modified Spintastics Great White Shark.


Yea, i saw this on Augie’s account, it’s amazing