January 2013-Stick It. Click It. Send It. Win!

For Christmas 2012 I got a neat wood-burning kit, so I decided to put it to good use!
A few more pics!
(Including Ice King and a birdhouse, also wood burned)

DSCF6680[1] (4.19 MB)


My entry.

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One of my non-yoing habits, playing Magic the Gathering. Got an M13 Fatpack, so I decorated it to make it more unique!

DSC00787 by offstring-stewart, on Flickr

I like how the shoe is YYE Colored

Out of all the things I love to do, I choose to yoyo.

My Case after 2 years.

Look at what I did and where I put mine.

THE. Worlds first yoyo expert hockey stick!!!

gotta love snowboarding :smiley:


Here’s one for ya’ll! This is my son. He wanted a sticker, the closest one was this expert sticker, so I gave it to him. I immediately remembered the contest. After many attempts of trying to take a picture of him being still, this is what I got; my son being goofy for the camera, like usual. Thought I’d share. Good luck to you all!

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Pics aren’t supposed to be edited.

Where does it say that?

This one is ‘ok’. We just didn’t want ‘photoshopped’ stickers. But instagram style filters are no problem.

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stuck it to my family crest :smiley:

YoYoExpert Laboratories Handheld Portal Device


YYE Tin Yo-yo parts case. Made with duct tape, tin, foam, googly eyes, marker, and paper tape

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My official yoyoexpert car lol.

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All I need when I leave the house :slight_smile:

Some grafitti art in my room.

Close up.

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Got it on my favorite water bottle that goes everywhere with me. Also got my Capless in the pic. Still Christmas at my house too ;D ha