January 2013-Stick It. Click It. Send It. Win!

A bit old and worn out but its been on my phone awhile

I think the Nipper found a good spot for his sticker…

(Thanks to Guy for the use of his forehead.)




I decided to put new decals on my old 49’ Farmall Cub I’m restoring!

Showing off my new YoyoFactory 1080s

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Here is my entery on my cat, max! ;D

My string case ! Enjoy

that actually looks really nice. Cool ArtBin box!

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i chose to put it on my hand made graffitti hat. my hat says SANE Z, and i where it everywhere. whenever someone ask what the sticker on my hat is, i brake out my yoyo, and show them. i wanted to put it somewhere i could get the name of yoyoexpert out, i love getting new people into yoyoing. thats why i chose this spot so the sticker could have lots of attion, and thats exactly what it gets.

This is a trick called dancing bean, please thank you

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I love cork boards, I love yo-yos and I love YoYoExpert. But what if I put it all together? Easy and cheap way to store all my stuff in one place! Enjoy!

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My drawing of the YYE logo. Hope you like! :slight_smile:

Ready for war

Heres mine!

Sounds kinda desperate…

I was in Walmart yoyoing while I shopped got some attention it’s pretty cool when someone’s amazed by yoyoing. My trick was boingy boing and ladder escape its a little harder to run through a whole performance walking and trying not to hit people while shopping lol my

Winner will be announced next week.

Thank you to all the wonderful entries. Keep them coming for February!!!

Congratulations to the winners from our monthly Stick It Contest on the YoYoExpert forums!

We had some really most excellent entries! The two winners are Manofmystery as most ‘Thanked’ and NipperDad as our ‘staff favorite’. We are messaging you guys each with $25 to YoYoExpert!

See all the entries here:

Don’t forget you can submit an entry to win every month!