Jailbroken n64 roms

I doubt many people have done this, but it seems like half the games I get for my iPhone don’t work. I was super smash bros for the n6., but cant get it. Any help?

idk about ifone… but i do know about pc roms

my guess is that your emulator software isnt in some way complete, or half the games out there just dont work… i dont think its your fault

Do you have the emulator on your iphone/itouch? It might just be you have some bad files, or they might not be the right format. I know I couldn’t find any working Super Smash Bros roms, for a while. If not, what emulator are you using?


It might be because that emulator I think only works on 3rd generation devices.

I can play Mario and Mario kart and star fox, 007 and ssb won’t work. I’ll try a new emulator.

Roms = Piracy

Just saying.


The N64iPhone app is very… buggy? In the first place it is very hard to even run it on the iPhone, even the new ones. Second a lot of the Roms arent compatible yet. I think its a waste when you arent even able to use the controller. All you get is a GB controller. Stick to GB and GBA roms on the iPhone.