Jabberwok- A 5A trick


Made this trick up at about 4AM, filmed it a few hours later at around 7AM. Inspired by Tyler Severance and Miguel Correa.

what was that! you call that a jabberwock! the only think i saw was the vorpal sword going snicker snack! Were were the claws the catch? or the furious bandersnatch? And you didn’t even finish gulumphing out of the video… tisk tisk…
lol, i’m messing with ya, good trick.

Awesome stuff Brad!

Lol, M Squared, thanks for the good laugh, I needed that. And thanks Cali.

but were are the borogroves, weres the momerats, what about the sleezey toads, and most importantly, weres the “Y”? It’s spelled jaborwoky.

The hatter calls it the “Jabberwok” when he takes Alice on a walk through the woods by hat.

Great Trick!

i like it!!!

funney, i just watched that show like 2 days ago.

I downloaded it to my computer and I watch it like, every other day. I can quote way too many things from it LOL.

favorit part
March hare talking very fast: Alice you our only hope, and you need to beat the jabberwok, and the frapcious day, and if you don’t we’ll die… spoon.

That is most definitely my favorite line as well.

twas brillig in the slithy toves, did gire and gimble in the wabe, all mimsey were teh borogroves, and HOLY COW, THAT WAS AWESOME!!!

Cool trick you made up there Brad. I can see the Tyler and Miggy stuff in there. I really can. Good job. :wink: