J.A.M.S Yoyostring review!

Welcome to my first string review! I haev done a couple yoyo reviews, nut this is my first string review.

First impressions: I got a 2 piece sample pack of white string. Nothing fancy, in an envelope. I felt the steing, and it was very soft. A bit softer than kitty. The thickness is like normal yye poly.


Feel: Very soft. Slides across your fingers with ease. When you play fast, it is almost as if it is just floating all over the place. Awesome texture and feel.

Technical: The thinness is great for tech. It never snags on the response and as stated, it slide across your fingers. Stringburn resistant.

Slack: Slacks are clean and keep up with the yoyo. Suicides open up well. Brother slacks and revolutions are clean and are alomost easier to catch. They dont just slide off your finger like many other slicker strings, but are slippery enough to not string burn you.

Whips: jade whips, iron whips, plastic whips, and other whips are great. The string hits the spot. The tension holds VERY well. After many missed whips and about 3 jade whips later, the tension was still neutral. Multifarous whips and brother whips are great.

Laceration type tricks (triple hook, brentstole, laceration and such): This is the highlight of the string. I expect a soft, thin string to not lacerate fast and to not be able to do a quadruple brent stole. I was wrong! While it didnt do it fast, it was more then capable of performing a quadruple brent stole, hook, and laceration. Triples are hadled as well as type x.


Lifespan: I have been playing the string vigerously for over an hour, and it isnt looking worn. As good as new. I will update this section in 2 days.

Inthe end: I describe this strong as yoyoexpert poly on steriods. It whips better, plays better, slacks better, and seems to last longer. belive it or not, its even cheaper! If you are looking for boutique string at a cheap price that doesnt sacrifice the quality, choose JAMS yoyo string!

Whips great
techs great
slacks great
lasts long

Not a con, just personal preference. I would love if the string was a BIT more coarse and possible utilized a small about of nylon, like 1/6 of the the threads are nylon.

Otherwise, this string has tied my 2 other favorite strings, kitty nylon and yysl type 2.

BUY J.A.M.S yoyo string!

I got the same sample. Have not yet tried the thin, but that thick one is on par with my ammo string.

Great review! Just as my JAMS review was dying out xD agreed with everything you said :slight_smile:

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