iYoYo Steel review

Hello everyone!

The iYoYo Steel came out a little while ago, infact the 2. run just came out and with that I finally picked one up and I want to try to write a review for it! Any feedback is appreciated.

I “followed” the developement of this Yoyo a bit, talking to Dave every now and then. After i saw the Prototype i was super hyped for the release! Once it came out though the specs surprised me a little and I didn´t think I´d actually like it that much, so I didn´t buy one at first. Now that I did get one, I´m very happy with it! So here we go!


Weight: 67.5 g
Width: 42.0 mm
Diameter: 57.0 mm

First Impressions:
The version i got is “RAW” there were only 12 made of these and (as far as i know) Dave only sold them personally, so it´s going to be hard to get one of these. But don´t worry! The other colors of both the 1. and 2. run are amazing looking!
The YoYo comes in a little metal cylinder with a see through window on the top. The packaging is pretty unique and has good quality, I like it a lot!
The YoYo itself looks amazing! The design (especially of the hubs) is very unique and the steel rims always give a very nice shiny look.


Shape and Construction:
The shape reminds me a lot of the Supernova, infact the specs are pretty similar. The iYoYo is much sharper though, the step in the gap is much more defined and it´s not as rounded as the Supernova. The hub on the other hand is extremely different. It´s perfectly made to fingerspin and that is exactly what it does, fingerspinning is easier with this YoYo than with any other i´ve tried.
The axle of the YoYo is really short, so I almost lost it the first time i opened it up, but of course that is my fault, just thought I´d mention it :smiley: .
The bearing that comes with it (at least here in Germany, in the US you get a “double V bearing” which I don´t know) is the iYoYo ceramic konkave bearing. It´s one of my favorite bearings overall, very silent and performs very well.
The response is your standard silicone pad response you find in most other YoYos (YYF etc.) not much else to say, it works fine as always.


How does it play?:
I was very impressed by this YoYo! It only costs 80 Euro/90 USD and legitimately plays like a 200 USD YoYo! The spintime is amazing, even has a leg up on some other bi-metals I´ve tried. The stability isn´t on Palpitation levels, but it´s still super stable and I doubt that anyone would have issues with it not beeing stable enough. Also it really really impressed me how absolutely dead smooth this thing is! I never really knew what people were really talking about when they said a YoYo was “smooth like glas”, now I do! It doesn´t have a punch (like the BerserkerSS for example has), it feels much more controled and just smooth from the throw, on the string and on binds.
The 67,5 grams of weight really worried me at first, I thought it would feel much more slow and less nimple. I was completely wrong on that! It actually feels pretty light, at least much lighter than 67,5, and it hops around very quickly and with ease.
I don´t really do much horizontal, but if you do, the iYoYoSteel wont fail you! I already mentioned finger spins, they are great even with the Raw version I have, the other versions are blasted so they should do even better.

Final thoughts:
I was very surprised by this throw, in a very good way! If you want to try some of the “high end bi-metal greatness” but don´t want to spend 250USD, the iYoYoSteel is a great choice! The design is very nice, the quality is amazing as you would expect and it´s just a overall great YoYo!
I hope the iYoYo brand keeps up this type of quality!

Thats it from me! :smiley: I hope at least 1 person found it interessting, if you have questions feel free to ask!

Thanks for reading.

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Very nice review. I’ve been looking at these, but was concerned they would be too narrow.

I enjoyed reading your thoughts and will definitely need to reconsider this bimetal.

Great review! I just might get this yoyo…

Thanks guys! glad you enjoyed it