iYoYo - iCEBERG | 7 Minute Spin Time!

For some reason, I was skeptical of how the iCEBERG by iYOYO was going to play. I haven’t really enjoyed any plastics enough to want to grab them over my regulars. However, this one was different. Spoiler, it spun for just under 7 minutes (without tricks) and that sold me on the design. It smooth and balanced and offered a lot for the price. What did you think of it?


Icebergs are hot!!! A must try!

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All iYoYos are really good especially the bimetals and the hybrids.


I really enjoy mine; it’s one of my favorite throws. That said, the thing is noisy. I’ve tried cleaning the bearing, then i tried changing the bearing, to no avail. That doesn’t stop me from loving it, I just can’t throw it when my wife is around :laughing: