iYoyo presents: The NEW iCEBERG!


The iYoYo iCEBERG is one of the most popular models in the iYoYo lineup and it just got a a little better - This is the newly redesigned iCEBERG!

iYoYo widened the new iCEBERGs profile by almost 4mm, which makes catching your riskiest tricks even easier and results in a more dynamic, speedy play. Fast and agile, the new iCEBERG flies through tricks and has plenty of power for your longest combos. The machined polycarbonate body gives it a smooth feel on the string and paired with stainless steel rings it offers maximum stability and spin time.

Midnight release, Wednesday 2/17 @ 11:59PM EST


Darn…Now I wish I would have held off on my iCEBERG purchase a couple of weeks ago. The updated model looks good!

@Glenacius_K :wink:

The artist does some really cute work. I like broccoli


But I have not even dinged my old one yet! I do like it though. It is a yoyo that I recommend to others.

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I’ve always enjoyed Derlin throws but the only poly I’ve tried are the low priced entry models. None of which I’ve really liked, but thought they were worth the $15 or so. I like grinds so they’re not the best for them where Derlin glides a bit. This one looks great though.

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Icebergs grind pretty great!


What’s the noise level on this one? Is it still just as loud as the classic?