Iwasawa tower laceration help

Hey guys after finally tackling the izuka X laceration i finally feel ready to tackle the iwasawa Eiffel tower laceration, however, its very difficult to tell what is going on in every video i can find on youtube, now i know there has got to be someone here who can do it, if anyone could by any chance get some footage of one being performed from a fist person perspective or offer up some advice or tips i would be extremely grateful

Can you link the best video you’ve found. Would love to see it.

This video has the best views of it that I’ve seen.  The Iwasawa Tower part starts at about 3:50 in the video.  It has slow motion footage from first- and third-person angles, so it’s pretty helpful for figuring out what exactly is going on:

Good luck with learning it.

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Awesome! Thanks.

That is the most impressive whip trick I’ve ever seen.

You must be really good to attempt this!!

And those 2.5 and 3.0 hooks are crazy!!! I’ve seen Jensen do a 2.5 on stage in a video. Always wondered how he did that.