[s]Blue Protostar w/ center trac. It can only be used with a center trac or a KK. Plays near dead smooth. Has two dings and one scuff, all unnoticeable b/c of the trans plastic.

Pics coming soon.[/s]

Next up are a pair of near mint Relics. Both are dual sili’d, and I will include the original o-rings. They’re both white with red, blue, white caps and orange, yellow, black caps. $22 shipped! obo

-YYF Pocket Change w/ offstring parts (spacers and all)
-Velocity V3

Do not want
-YYJ (Except for Revolution)
-Any new YYF plastic except for Velocity v3[/s]

I’ve got a YYF Velocity v3, it’s got a center trac bearing in it, it plays great, the pics and description r on the third page toward the bottom. I’ll trade it for the protostar.

Not just gonna trade straight up. You’d have to add.

Add what?