It's me who needs help. (With a camera)

Okay, so as a lot of you know, I make youtube videos. There not the best, but I like making them… Well, today, when I was trying to copy a file from the camera onto the computer, it copied the file, but the video file a 0 gb of storage on it. As in there was no videe. I’m trying to figure out how to get the files onto my computer… I’ve done it before, but this issue has never happened to the camera before. Any tips? I really don’t know to do.



If there is an SD card from your camera, take that out and put it straight into your computer, and then import them.

Import the video(s) and drag it into your editing program, if you have Windows Movie maker (One of the recent ones) then this will work. idk about any other programs though.

Thanks for the info… I’ll try the sd card way.

Once you put the SD card in, copy your video onto somewhere on your computer besides the SD card so that the video is fine even if something has happened to the SD card then use Windows Live Movie Maker. I usually use it and I think it’s more supported as well (unless you’re using Windows XP which probably isn’t supported.) Hope this helps ;D

Hmm, so something must be wrong with my computer… It doesn’t have an Sd card slot, (that’s not the issue) … I plugged it into the desk top, and the files won’t copy… I think it’s just something with the PC… I probably will just be doing edits on my sister’s laptop until I get this working again.

Thanks for the help!

You can get a special ad card thing that transfers it as a UBS drive might want to try that where we live the cost around 3 bucks.