Its been 5 years since I picked up a yoyo


This is just a video filled with bloopers and me speaking at the end, future video will be done and edited in 2 weeks

2nd video


You have an interesting story to tell, but I had a hard time hearing you against the music. You might try fading it when you start talking, unless you wanted your voice to be a background rather than the tunes.


It does sort of stay on your mind a bit even when you put it down.
I sort of had to get over the fact that some might consider me too old to yo-yo.

It’s a branch of magic, does a person become too old to do card tricks?


Thank you for the tips :slight_smile: Will implement it next time. And yes it does stay on your mind! subscribe for more. Thank you


I like this video. Looking forward to the next one, man.




So you subscribed ?


CLYW Arctic Circle 1 28 stories.


You still got it after 5 years ;D Thanks for sharing!