It's ALIVE, FrankenPEAK is ALIVE, A very custom CLYW one of a kind

FrankenPEAK has been stitched up out of pieces and parts in the labratory of the twisted Dr. RiceRocket, by his side was his devote assistant Ibanezcollector. Together they worked hard so FrankenPEAK would live to be thrown again.


On a fun note: This was a excellent example of what could happen when a yoyo once thought destroyed gets into the hands of an experienced modder like Ricerocket. The work he put into this is simply fantastic, this thing is extremely smooth and plays as good as any peak I have thrown. Kudo’s go to him for the work he has done he deserves more applause and respect then the paint job should.

;D, that looks awesome!!!


Haha, awesome Brett. :smiley: