It's a question for collin, hi collin

Hey becko!
As I approach my second year of throwing and WYYC 2019 is nearer as days go by, I’ve started to feel a certain need to become more competitively active in order to compete at worlds, to achieve this I know I need practice (which I’ve been doing for 1-2 hours on average since last week) yet I can’t help but feel as if my capacity to learn new elements is rather limited, it takes me anywhere from 15+ days to hit something properly and a long time to get consistent at it, with this being said, I was wondering what are your practice habits and what do you do in cases on which you feel stuck in your learning process?
Thanks in advance Collin, I really appreciate you taking the time to read this!


Hey man!

I think the best recommendation I can make in terms of getting out of a stuck position is to take a small break from 1A & try out another style for a week or two. You’ll definitely learn a lot more than just basic elements in that other style… the mechanics of movement you have to make in an X division is certainly different than 1A, and it’ll help you come up with new ideas once you start back with 1A. Other ideas would be to completely revamp who you look at for inspiration (if there is anyone) and try getting inspired by a different style of 1A play and try make tricks like that.