Its 4A Challenge Time

Ok, here is the deal, I would like as many people as possible to do this with me. Starting tomorrow (Sept 1st) I will be throwing nothing but 4A for the next month, in an attempt to step up my offstring game. I don’t care what yoyo you use, just use it for 4A, and do it for a month. You can switch up the throws you use too. I’ll be using My Griffin Wing, Hayabusa, and Fiesta for this (depending on my mood). If you would like to take this challenge with me I want you to post your progress on this thread. Videos of your progress are cool but not needed, I’ll take your word that you nailed a trick you normally can’t land. Anyway, let the challenge begin!!!

I would’ve been down to do this if it was during the summer. School starts tomorrow for me and people end up asking me to yoyo all the time. Unfortunately I don’t really want to throw 4a in the school :stuck_out_tongue:

I hear ya, I’m at work all day and 4A in the office might make a few people upset, LOL!!!

Threw nothing but offstring yesterday because my fiesta came… First day and I can do regens, whip catches (sometimes) barrel rolls and leg orbits (bairly)

Keep it up!!!

Ditto. Except for the tomorrow part-my school starts next week.

Good luck with only 4a for a month!

Ok, I’ll make a deal w/ you guys. After school and homework are done for the day 4A for the rest of the night. (Yup, the dad in me came out, LOL)

Same here and deal I will throw nothin but 4a for a month.

This is a really good idea. I don’t know if I should do 4A to get better at it, because I really really need to work on my 5A. :stuck_out_tongue:

I really can’t take credit for this because Mr. Ed Haponik came up w/ it in his “66 rules for yo-yo players” thread:

#35. find a yo-yo that you can’t play well at all. play it exclusively for a month.

So I’m kind of doing this but w/ 4A. I’ve already done it once w/ Waylon using a stock FH2 and throwing nothing but 5A. It was a good time.,9479.0.html

I don’t think I can limit myself to only 4A, even if it is only after school and work. Bug if you can, more power to ya! :slight_smile:

i havent thrown anything but 4a for the past 3 days. Haha ill deff do this… In school to. Teachers can cry about it XD

I’d do this, but I help teach a class on the weekends so I kinda need to be able to play 1a and such to teach.

Would it be alright if I only did 4a on my own time?

Well ya, if you needd 1A to teach you can throw 4A the rest of the time you are not teaching.

I won’t throw entirely 4a but I will definatly throw more over the next month!

ill start after the 11th because thats tennesse states :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, but you have to throw 4A until the 11th of Oct.

thumbgrind/to bind is the most epic offstring trick evar.

Just to throwthis in for the people that like off string a lot and have the money and skill. The werrd split decision is so awesome, its pretty unresponsive but its beast. It spins really long and you can put jimmy hats on it

Hey this month im gonna do 4a one my fiesta comes but untill then 5A!!!