Is yoyoexpert also a walk in store?


If you live in Massachusetts. and are somewhere near Amherst, MA, can you drive to the yoyoexpert warehouse on old farm road and walk in like an actual store? or does yoyoexpert only do online purchases.
If you could use it like a walk in store, then you could save on shipping costs, right?
just wondering.


Yes you can go, they plan on adding a place to just hang, but no, no walk in store


They are no longer at that location. They moved a few towns over to a location with a TON more space. And yes you can go there by appontment only. Yes if you buy from there there will be no shipping charges but you will have to pay MA Sales tax of .625%. I have been to the old location and to the new location. The new location is AWESOME!!! Just plain AWESOME!!! AND its literally 2.5 miles from my house!!!


wait, where’s the new location?


This is the quote from Andre` taken from the YYE Facebook page a few weeks back… This kinda sums it up for you… :slight_smile:

"It has almost been FIVE years since I first started YoYoExpert. Five years ago I made the decision that I would take a chance to try and do something I loved. It has been the best decision of my life.

Then three years ago we moved into our first ‘official’ office space. It was scary and exciting and bigger then what we need. But before we knew it we too outgrew this wonderful space…

Now with five amazing full time employees and a lot more yo-yos then when we first started we take the next big step and get ready to make our new ‘home’ at the Eastworks Building in Easthampton, MA! We will have three times the room there to work and are beyond excited for the new energy and level of organization it will bring! (Not to mention the eventual game plan of having a semi-store front type place for yo-yo players to come see and try stuff out!).

Lot’s of exciting things to come - for now we have a busy weekend of moving ahead of us! Lot’s of love and thanks to each and every one of you who has supported my dream and passion that is YoYoExpert. I could not be more thankful"

André Boulay