Is yomega black Delrin spacers good enough for looping?

I wanted to know if black spacer raiders play as good as modded ones

i’m not really qualified to answer this question, but I don’t think you’ve given enough information. I may be wrong.

Black spacers are supposedly the same as already sanded normal plastic spacers, you simply don’t need to sand it down.
The good point is you don’t need to worry about sanding the spacers so it saves time, the downside is if you are used to custom sand your spacers differently than most people, for example if you want to have wider gap for more solid feel but still responsive enough it can be achieved by using taller-than-starburst spacers setup. If I remember correctly black spacers are already flush with the starburst while normal plastic spacers are taller than the starburst, so with normal plastic spacers, there is more room to customize.