Is this silicone good as a response?

I decided to switch to siliconing my yo-yo’s instead of wasting money on response pads. I looked around my house and found this:

I don’t have any flowable silicone so I decided to use this until I get around to buying some at a nearby hardware store. Is it a good alternative?

ive seen someone use it before

That should work, but if your unsure about it apply some in a piece of paper and let it cure to see the texture of it. Since that is a big tube you might want to have a seringe to apply the silicone.

I think so.

If it says “100% silicone”
Don’t use Paintable/Acrylic Sealant, it’ll crumble.

Silicone II sticks better to plastic and doesn’t release Acetic acid while curing.