Is there video tutorial in 5A except in expert village?

give me a youtube channel…thank you…:slight_smile:

search “5a yoyo tutorials” you will get alot

gwizztutorials has a couple of really good ones. Especially broken heart

broken heart is an awesome trick, but I can’t seem to place it anywhere in a combo without breaking the rythm

there are some 5A tutorials, but after intermediate level stuff, you’re pretty much on your own as far as I know.

but some of the basics can get some time to get used to, stuff like bee sting looks easy but it definitely doesn’t come overnight

I’m fairly new in 5A and in yoyoing in general, but I’m working on my own 5A tricks now so if you ever see something in a video, I can make you a tutorial for it, you can categorize the stuff I’m currently doing as intermediate/advanced difficulty (if you compare to expert village/YYE 1A tutorials) and I’m about to get an alternate way to get to 1&1/2 mount (compared to YYE tutorials) as well

anyway, if you see stuff you like, ask for tutorials, if you’re beginning 5A with a bit of 1A experience it’ll definitely give you some stuff to work on